Thursday, 5 January 2017

Day 5/365: Getting People Talking

I find myself talking a lot about what I'm doing this year. It seems like everywhere I go there's food, and people want to offer it to me, and I politely decline. Sometimes they look disappointed, other times they're interested in what I'm doing, and this is what I love the most! I LOVE talking about food and the Whole30 and how it has changed my life in so many ways! The way I eat, the way I look physically, the way I feel mentally, and the way I look at food in general. Everything is different and shifted in the most positive direction. I can't stress how much this program will help others like me who have tried everything in the past, only to keep losing and gaining the same 50 lbs over and over again. Finally, there is a solution to all the yo-yo diets, and it's the Whole30. I love when people ask me questions, and I love their faces when I tell them the restrictions, I don't know why but it makes me laugh to see the shock. Like they can't imagine how tragic my life must be because I don't have a bagel with peanut butter every morning. The truth is that I've never been happier with my hard-boiled eggs and cucumbers for breakfast! I don't need all the filler foods for my life to feel complete anymore. I think I've truly achieved Food Freedom Forever (I have this book lined up to read next!)

I also love how many people have been inspired to try the W30. I know four people who are doing the January Whole30 for the first time this month! I love getting their texts when they show me what they're eating, or if they have any questions. I love everything about the community! (So much love in this post! Gah!)

There are a couple of people at work who are interested as well, hopefully they'll get on board! Because it's not just about weight loss, it's about being the best and healthiest version of yourself, the weight loss is just a great bonus! (Side note: I can't wait to weigh myself on Sunday! Been doing my running training this week as well as other workouts, and I'm excited to see if anything has changed!) My clothes are pretty much all too big at this point, especially the pants. Hooray for a non-scale victory!

C xo

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