Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Day 3/365: Busy Day

Today I work both jobs. 8-4 at my desk job and then 5:15-9:15 at my retail job. On days like today, I have to plan ahead and make sure I pack my lunch as well as my dinner. Means a little extra planning on my part, but in the end, it keeps me on track with my goals and that makes me happy.

I had a little bigger breakfast today, and my energy levels are better than yesterday, so I'm hoping this will be an every day thing! I'm also finding that I'm able to go longer without food when I eat more at meal times (duh).

I had been weighing myself every day again, so now that I'm only doing it once a week, it's getting to be a little tough to go without! I just have to keep telling myself that the number on the scale doesn't matter and what matters is the way I feel and how my clothes fit (which is currently annoyingly loose #whole30problems). Breaking habits is hard, but necessary for change.

I'm trying to stay as active as I can today, however, the weather is uncooperative (freezing rain). I decided to just do a mini workout at my desk, since I'm pretty much hidden from everyone, it's the perfect plan! I did as much as I could with the clothes I'm wearing (dress pants and flats). Maybe tomorrow I'll wear some clothes that can pass as work clothes, but is also comfy enough to do a mini workout on my lunch hour! I just figured if I did part of it at work #1, I would have less to do later after work #2! As is, I'll have sit-ups and lunges, and 30 minutes of cardio to do when I get home. I'm hoping the weather is better tomorrow so I can run outside. Fingers crossed it's a nice day.

A few hours later...

I'm back from work, and I'm tired. I'm going to eat a couple of hard boiled eggs and have some water and chillax. Decided to not finish the workout today and continue on my running program tomorrow.


C xo

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