Saturday, 21 January 2017

Day 20-21/365: Good day

Sorry for the late post, but posting nonetheless! Yesterday I gt to meet a friend that I met on Instagram! So cool to have found someone with the same ambitions and dreams as you and they're local! We had Moroccan chicken (she had chickpeas instead because she's vegan) and we saw the movie Passengers! Such a good time :)

Had to take my son to the doctor yesterday and it turns out he has an ear infection, poor guys. He was up every hour the night before and I felt so bad for him. It was nice though that last night he actually slept the whole night for the first time in a long time! Hallelujah!  I feel pretty refreshed today, and actually am working my last shift at my second job today. Looking forward to only having the one job again and being able to spend more time with my family and more time on me, my fitness and on nutrition.

I made cauliflower hummus again yesterday, but I used mammoth garlic, and it was WAY too spicy! But still delicious. I think next time though, I'll either use less garlic or a different kind of garlic. I also used less salt that it calls for and despite the spiciness, the salt content was perfect for my tastes.

Hoping that my last day goes well today. Have to get a chicken stew going overnight in the crock pot to bring to my in-laws tomorrow for a family gathering, it'll be my first chicken stew, but it's paleo! So yay!

C xo

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