Thursday, 19 January 2017

Day 19/365: Cravings

Lately I've been getting a lot of cravings. Today, I can't seem to get the thought of sugar out of my head. I think thinking about gummy worms and it's actually driving me mad. Even though I know that the craving won't last long (about 3-5 minutes) those few minutes are kind of torturous. I try to distract myself by drinking water or taking a short walk when this happens. But the amount of times it's happening today is making it impossible for me to concentrate on anything else. I've been trying to figure out why this is, and I think it's probably because I had an apple and two bananas yesterday. More fruit than I would normally have, which means higher sugar intake than usual, hence the cravings.

So far today I haven't had any fruit, and I don't plan to, because I can't go through another day like this. It's actually awful. Reminds me of my first Whole30 back in October when I first cut out the sugar. Not good! Sometimes I get the odd salty craving for Bits and Bites or Cheetos or something along those lines, but they're not as urgent as the Sugar Dragon (whom I've decided is female and she is named Brunhilde, by the way) makes them out to be.

Another craving I've had lately is nachos. Now, I know there are lots of ways I could make that work on the W30 (minus the cheese, of course) but that would be like having sex with your pants on. I'm sure you could get the job done, but it wouldn't be very effective. The spirit of the program is to form happy eating habits and to change your relationship with food. If you're just finding ways of having your old favorites in a different form, that's not changing your habits or your relationship, hence, sex with your pants on.

Hopefully tomorrow is better! Hopefully I can will keep Brunhilde at bay.

C xo

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