Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Day 11/365: Migraine Day

I had a migraine today, so this post will be short. I had a little break from the pain so I jumped on here to write my post before it came back.

I keep getting asked on Instagram to try these It Works products. I don't know why people who look at my profile, being all fit and natural and taking absolutely no supplements whatsoever, think that I would be interested in these wraps/products? How is wrapping myself up in these chemical (supposedly all natural, snort) wraps supposed to make me healthier than I am now? No thanks, keep your shitty wraps to yourself, I'll stick to my delicious food and exercise thank you very much. It's gotten so bad that I had to put a disclaimer on my profile asking people to not offer me their crap. Ugh. Anyway, that's it for today. A mini rant.

C xo

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