Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Planning, planning, planning

As I'm getting ready to embark on this new journey, I'm starting to plan my next year. I want to make sure I have all the pillars that I'm going to need while I'm going through this very important chapter in my life. Whether that be my friends, family, Instagram, or the community I'm hoping to build here, with this blog. I can't stress how important it is to have a strong support system of loved ones who understand and respect your decisions, no matter how drastic or crazy! I am very blessed in that sense because my family is so supportive and loving, especially my husband. I really don't know how I would've gotten through most of my sugar dragon cravings without him!

Another aspect of planning is planning ahead and planning your time (planning, planning, planning!) As an example, I worked both my jobs yesterday and I know that there isn't much around me where I can get Whole30 compliant foods, so I made my lunch and dinner at the same time. Granted, I basically had the same meal twice in a row, but I changed it up a bit by putting different proteins on them. The salad base was baby spinach, tomatoes, onions and carrots, took me literally five minutes to put it together, then added hard-boiled eggs on one and a can of tuna on the other, and voila! Two healthy meals on the go. Next time, however, I would eat the tuna one at lunch and the egg at dinner, my tuna salad was pretty soggy when I got to eat it. But it was food and I was hungry. I should also probably mention that when I make salads, I only just pour balsamic vinegar on them, so I carried the bottle around with me yesterday because I lacked an adequate container, heh.

Anyway, you do what you gotta do. I set a goal, and only I can ensure that I reach it. You have to put yourself first and be your own cheerleader because no one else it going to do it for you.

C xo

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