Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My Big Decision

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I know some of you follow me on Instagram (@atari_simply), and that's fantastic! Thank you! If that's the case, then you know that I've been following a Whole30 diet for the last couple of months.

Before starting, every morning I would wake up feeling SO HUNGRY, my stomach hurt so bad that I was literally throwing up EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. Is that any way to live? I didn't think so. While browsing the hashtag #weightlossjourney on Instagram, I stumbled across a few people doing the Whole30. I had never heard of it and decided to check out their website. What I found was a simple and effective method to heal your body from the inside out. By cutting out grains, legumes, sugar, dairy and alcohol, I would be ridding my body of inflammation and toxins and my hormones would be able to work in harmony with each other again, properly digesting food and nourishing me. I was in. "Sign me up!" I said to my husband.

After my initial 30 days, I felt fantastic! I was slimmer, and feeling healthier in all aspects of my life: energy levels, fitness levels, sleeping better, mental health, stomach pain. I even lost 13lbs and 15 inches in the process! Everything was working together the way it should! I was happy. So I decided to keep going, I reintroduced red wine and corn chips to enjoy some homemade salsa and guacamole (both Whole30 approved) and felt relatively okay. The thing that really threw me off was this past weekend at our annual family Christmas party. You think "Christmas party" and instantly see food and drink and merriment, well, this party was no exception. I knew that I was going to cheat here. I told myself that about halfway through my Whole30 I would have some unhealthy snacks at this party. And that's exactly what I did. And regretted it about an hour later. I had cheese and pita and dip. (I decided not to drink that night because I wasn't sure how my system would react, good thing.) My stomach was hurting so bad the rest of the night. Everyone says "Treat yourself!" "You're allowed a treat here and there!" Yeah, that's fine and good for some people, but to me, this was no treat. At the time of consumption it was rich and tasty, the texture was also strange to me, and actually took me about half an hour of staring at the food before I actually could eat it. I was afraid that eating this stuff would throw me back into bad habits, and it almost did. I sat there for a while eating and eating. I had to force myself to walk away from the table. These were foods with no brakes. And then the stomachache started and I was out of commission.

The next morning I woke up and felt better, but I spent a lot of time in the bathroom... if you know what I mean! That's when I started thinking about my New Year's resolution. I was thinking and thinking, but I'm already doing a lot of the things that I could resolve about my life. Then it hit me. A year of Whole30! A Whole365, if you will. I thought "If these foods react so terribly inside my body, why would I go back to eating them?" So this is my big decision, and I invite you to follow me on my new journey!

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