Thursday, 22 December 2016

Food, and Eating, and Meals, oh my!

Today I want to talk about what a typical day of eating looks like for me. If you follow me on Instagram (@atari_simply) you know that I like to show off my food quite a bit, heh. So let me take you through a normal day for me.

Breakfast: This is the meal that most people struggle with. Because if you can't have toast/bagels/muffins/croissants, then what's the point of living, right? Wrong. Breakfast is actually so pleasant for me now, and let me tell you why: because I get my ass out of bed and make sure I get a good meal in/enjoy my quiet morning and reflect on the coming day. I get up at around 5-5:15 every morning and go down to the kitchen. I turn on the Keurig and start to get my son's lunch for school put together, but while I'm doing that, I'm also prepping my breakfast. I fill a small pot with water and get it to boiling on the stove for hard boiled eggs, I normally do 6 at a time. Two for me for breakfast, two for my lunch at work, and two for the kids for breakfast. While I'm waiting for the eggs, I take to the cutting board and get some cucumbers and/or tomatoes sliced and put them on my breakfast plate, and also add some to my son's lunch, as well as in a container for a salad for my lunch (that I will add the eggs in as well). Once his lunch is done, this usually means the eggs are ready too, and I drain, cool and peel them. I always make sure that I drink a big glass of water before I start eating or drinking coffee. After I've finished making the breakfast/lunches, I make my coffee (black, of course) and sit down at the table to tuck into my food and check Instagram/emails. This whole process normally takes about half an hour. It's some lovely "me" time.

Lunch: If I'm going to work, I will usually make a salad similar to the one I described above, but sometimes I'll take leftovers from the previous night's dinner, or switch up the protein on my salad to tuna or chicken or whatever I have in the fridge. Same goes for the veggies. I usually buy a big container of baby spinach for my base, and add whatever veggies I have leftover in the fridge. For dressing, I literally just use balsamic vinegar, but if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll mix up a little dressing of balsamic, olive oil and Dijon or plain yellow mustard to give it some zing. Super tasty and super healthy.

Dinner: The trickiest of the meals, because I have to think about the family too at this point. I want to make them something that they will enjoy, but that is also Whole30-compliant. This usually happens in the form of a protein, and a couple of sides (roasted potatoes with steamed broccoli/carrots/cauliflower, for example), but sometimes, I make these one-pot creations. One night, I had company for dinner, and we couldn't figure out what we wanted to eat. Recipes and ideas were thrown around, but all contained cheese or sour cream, or dairy of some sort. Finally I said "guys, let me just make a mishmash and you're going to love it." Skepticism followed my statement, but I did it anyway. I cooked the ground meat we had, added some shredded potato, tomatoes, and peppers. Used the spices for "taco seasoning" and added some Frank's Red Hot sauce. The skepticism faded as their plates were devoured. The meal was delicious and filling. Goes to show that you can still have a Mexican-inspired meal without beans/corn/cheese.

Snacks: While I don't snack often anymore, sometimes I need a little pick-me-up after a workout or if I didn't quite eat enough at my last meal. I usually go for hard-boiled eggs, or almonds, or sometimes a piece of fruit (not recommended on the W30, they prefer you have your fruit as part of a meal, but I like to have an apple once in a while! I am an adult!). I always just make sure that I don't overdo it on the snacking so that I'm hungry by the time the next meal comes. In order to do this, I usually just take what I want to eat and leave the rest in the cupboard or fridge. It's easy to get carried away.

So this is a typical day of food for me! I hope you found this helpful in the sense that you don't need pasta or bread or rice or cheese or cream to make a meal complete, Sometimes you just need a little creativity and an open mind to make something look and taste great!

C xo

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